I need of voices/voice actors

Hi all. I am about to make a movie about the rebels making a devastating move - activating an artifact which releases the power of the strong zombies which will take over the whole galaxy. The rebels must destroy the zombie “mothers” and other things which will be different in each episode. If the episode is popular enough, I will make more and more episodes and finally finish the whole series. I won’t need a lot of voices, I will need voices like:
Holy shit!
You know what to do.
Lock ‘n’ load!
Aim for the head!
Surround it!
Don’t get too near it!
(whisper) Don’t let it see you.
Shoot the legs first!
I am thinking of about 3 or 5 voices. In the “prelude” which will show what happened will require 2 more voices which will be the one who activated it and the zombie KING.
I can also use a huge voice pack. Half-Life 2 sounds don’t have much variety.


And I will be using some combine sounds which i will use from Half-Life 2.
The time will be somewhere around the time after the seven hour war.
I also need big maps for each planet.
I have earth which will be rp_downtown2.
I need Mars,Mercury,Venus,Ceres,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune.
All i need is just a big but not the max on source sdk size of map. Just a plain map with nothing except mars with a few small mountains and one BIG for the zombie queen place. Moon with about 5-10 medium holes.
And the ground material which suits the best.
And the background. Use the solar system map if you can please.
But, I have lots of time for preparing a scenario for each area so you can make a shape and all before you upload the map. It shouldn’t be too hard for a skilled mapper (stuff like small mountains and things that would make a map look godly).

Nice presentation and all.
Not going to voice act though.


Kinda sounds like an Alien ripp-off

Sounds like Halo + Alien together.

sooooooo like starship troopers?

I can sound 100% like Duke Nukem, and its legit.

i’ll do it. tell me how, add me on steam/msn and im ready to go.

P.S. i have a pro mic.

steam: Ingemazen
MSN: ingulv7@hotmail.com

above comments.
Like i care. I will see how people like it and if episodes 1-2 is successful, I will make more.
Ingemazen add me to steam to edwinux591. I am a bit busy and I can’t use steam but it is on.


I will take other maps with respect.

Guys… So after a few days I decided to not have any voices at all.
I will use the program speakonia for voices because I will make another story.

:geno: stopped reading at this point.

So i had changed my mind. They will be parasites. Big ones. And small ones.