I need phong like this.





Im looking for phong code like this silver plate.
That game is source engine like garrys mod.
plz help me

Here’s a basic phong vmt with rim lightning (the light stuff on the edge of the model). Play with it.

    $basetexture models/stuff/example
    $bumpmap models/stuff/example_normal
    $halflambert 1
    $nodecal 1
    $model 1

    $phong 1
    $phongexponent 33
//  $phongexponenttexture models/stuff/example_exponent
    $phongboost    6
    $phongfresnelranges    "[0.05 0.5 1]"

    $rimlight" 1
    $rimlightexponent" 1
    $rimlightboost 50

thanks XD

I’m quite stumped. I have no idea how they could’ve produced that golden specular without a second light, but that’s not possible in the HLMV.

My first thought was a phong warp texture, but that would’ve produced the golden spec on the other side, too. Then I thought of an envmap, but that wouldn’t change with the light source.

Where did you find this model? Maybe you could ask the creator for the .vmt. I, for one, would love to see it.

This is not my model, Just take it from that game website.
The name of that game is Mabinogi: Heroes, Korean MMORPG.
I dunno service in other country now.

Have you tried extracting the model from the game? I think that might be the only way to solve the puzzle.

Weapon phong test ver
I used custom phongwarptex,cubemap





Could you show the phong tex used on that weapon?

Just curious how it might look.

Looks nice.

I figured that, or else you would’ve just looked at the .vmt. That’s why I asked about the creator.

I knew it was Korean, though. They’re so predictable in their designs. Downloading now, though someone with faster internet would get some results in a reasonable amount of time. Here’s the link: http://heroes.nexon.com/downloads/download.aspx

Actually, you can ‘color’ the phong highlights. There’s a vmt param that allows you to specify a tint for the phong highlight (in rgb format), but I can’t recall what it is off the top of my head. Run Gmod with -tools on the launch options and run the material editor, it should be in there somewhere. Obviously, this works best if the plate texture map has its own VMT.

Also, they could be using custom shaders, which usually means custom VMT parameters that don’t work cross-game. (Like ambient occlusion, which for some reason doesn’t work in Gmod but supposedly does in other games.)