I need players :)

The server isn’t mine but is only me and my friend playing, and I am here asking to you if you are interested.

The server is hosted in UK, the IP is:

(Press F1 to open up the console, and then type in: net.connect )

I see you there :wink:

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section." - Swebonny))

There is a sub-forum for advertising servers.

Learn to read!

There’s also a “report, don’t reply” rule. Which I am also breaking right now, so I’m just as guilty but…


But, the report button doesn’t have a “wrong selection” option :eng101:

The mods are smart enough to figure it out, I just mark them as spam.

this is just a 411 for everyone peepin this threadzone and being like “but there’s no wrong subforum report”

ANY two reports on a post will put it in the modqueue

a report of warez and a report of trolling will put it in modqueue