I need Rust Key !

I just watched the gameplay now , and google it , and look for its website , then i found out that i need a beta key , where can i get it ?
Please help me i want to play now :3

(User was banned for this post ("Did not read the sticky / Begging for key." - Swebonny))

Hey buddy i am new here but i am well aware that you cannot post a thread asking for key. Keys for rust is extremely limited right now so the only thing we gamer could do is wait :slight_smile:

You don’t need the key, you want it.

Also no.

Please refer to the sticky http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1283939

There are no new beta keys given out, so ‘limited’ is an understatement. Garry doesn’t need anymore testers so you won’t be getting a key.

why is it that new people can’t read the Fucking stickies???
like, its at the TOP of the forum…

What do you presume new is?

Don’t be such a hypocrite key beggar in disguise.

Sorry, keys are rare to find right now. Come back in 2 years when the game is done.

2 weeks actually - and keys aren’t rare, there are none left

Sorry friend, keys are very limited and getting once is more of a luck of the draw on the forum. If you really want a key, you can always stay in tuned with the forum, making suggestions and friendly criticism:)

Suggestions will definitely not get you a key, and there is no such thing as unfriendly criticism.

Never said suggestions would get him a key, but suggestion and friendly (not unfreindly) criticism just falls under participating in the forums, which is what he’s going to have to do if he wants even the smallest chance to get a key.

Yes you did,

Also, why don’t you get it? There are no keys left, and garry doesn’t need anymore testers. There is literally no chance of anybody getting a key until it’s released.

He came in not knowing that… Cut him some slack.

No slack shall be cut until he can be intelligent enough to read the sticky.

Yea, the “testers” spam the game chat with Rust hacking sites… “Testers”

The spammers doesn’t even have a key. (Unless they are spamming ingame.)

will the game go on a public beta soon?


Maybe but it won’t be anytime soon, its only recently gone into pre-alpha so