I need server help (NFO Servers)

So I just bought an NFO Server (22 Slots) My friend has given me the gamemode. So Ive just logged into the NFO Control Panel and I want to know how to install this gamemode. Except Im just new to this. So if you guys could give a hand thanks :smiley:

I don’t think this fits under Developer Discussion.
You can get help by creating a job on scriptfodder (if you’re willing to pay money for it).

Also, doesn’t NFO have a forum? You could try to ask there instead, since this forum is all about Garry’s Mod and not server hosting sites :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Yep, http://www.nfoservers.com/forums/index.php

I thought NFO offered support… Last time I checked they did anyway.

Yes they do, really good support. I think the problem stems from OP, probably not knowing how to use a program like FileZilla to install a gamemode. Unless NFOServers have some scripts that do those auto-install stuff, you’re going to have to manually do it by downloading the files for the gamemode, and placing them in your server and altering the config.

Log into your FileZilla client with the credentials under your “File Manager” tab, navigate to garrysmod/gamemodes and upload the entire gamemode there.

NFO offers auto installs for DarkRP and a survival gamemode. If you have another gamemode you need to install it with filezilla.