I need some beginners tips for creating SWEP models.

Simple as the title suggests.

I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, all I (think I) know about modeling is I need 3dsmax studio (a tool I once used for Halo CE maps… and ended up with 8 open corners), and… well… thats it.

The full story is this. I want to make a fully animated SWEP for Gmod. A bow and arrow. It’s been done, I know… but lets look at all the decent ones. None of them feel right. I want to make one that feels right… and thus I need to start at the model, which always feels wrong.

I’ll also need to make the materials myself I suppose, but I’ll also need help animating the aiming, reloading, and firing animations, along with the deploy animation and loading animation.

So any advice is much loved, sought after, and appreciated. I insist, however, that I make the model, and not have anyone make it for me, as I would be leaching, not learning.

Thank you.

I recommend you start smaller first. Get the hang of the tools, compiling, different texture maps, etc.
There’s a lot to it and you can’t really expect to see some sweet models without first spending a lot of your time perfecting your abilities and techniques.

Most people start with a barrel due to it’s simple shape, which you can easily add on to with other small details or refinements.
Take a look at www.polycount.com, there’s a lot of tutorials and the people there are more than happy to help you out!

Thanks for the advice Breny. I’ll give that a shot first.

But yeah, I’m not expecting anything marvelous to start with… heck I’m not even expecting a working object to begin with, but any start is a good start IMO.

Once again, thanks.