I need some good Garrys mod server hosts.

Going to host some TTT but modded abit, (Not actual gameplay just other things to make it feel better to play)

Any reccomdations on server hosts? or any tips on ones to avoid, even that of bad experiance’s with any?


Anybody? Opening server on sunday, so currently going with xenonservers.com


come on… need some suggestions at least

Host your own!

Thats a terrible shit idea unless you own a second gaming rig, with very fast and stable CABLE internet, which you are for some crappy reason doing nothing with.

Use xenon servers, at least they don’t shit in your pants and blame you for it. And they are a good host.

Get a good vps.

Brohoster. They say that their support is splendid.


Do it.

Was looking around with them, had a chat do there staff, Said auto-fastdownload coming tommorow, Good support they said they would do some things for me which I have no time to do, such as ulx ranks.

Gona try bro hosting see how it goes, I post again tommorow