I need some Gundam models

This will probably just get buried/ignored but I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask. I’ve been wanting to get some of the mobile suit models from Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, but so far I haven’t been able to find any. I had heard before that the Dynasty Warriors games were possible to rip from so I was hoping that this would be as well.

Obviously I don’t need all of the mobile suit models, most of the ones that I wanted are just from 00 and Wing:

00 Raiser

Wing Zero
Heavy Arms Kai
Death Scythe

and the DLC ones from 00 but I don’t know if it would even be possible to get them.

None of these need to be rigged, I can do that myself, I just need the models and textures.

If anyone would be able to help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

As far as I know, no one have ever made a single mobile suit model for gmod that is released for public use.

I don’t actually need them set up for Gmod, just the raw models and textures. I can do all the rigging and stuff myself, I just need someone who could rip the files for me.

Did you check the Models Resource for anything useful from an older Gundam game?

I think someone from the perskin thread was making one. last I saw, it was REALLY damn big. and it had a Max Payne face.

I’ve done a few searches on Gary’s Mod if that’s what you mean, I haven’t been able to here because for some reason when I click on search I get denied permission. However, to my knowledge, DW Gundam 3 is the only game released outside Japan to have any of the suits from Gundam 00.

This thread has relevant information about ripping models and textures from the PS3 version; might want to look into it.

What about g gundam models, thats my favorite gundam show.

The Burning Gundam, the Master Gundam and the Dark Gundam are all in DWG2; don’t know about DWG3.

I get the same denial message. I was referring to the site “Models Resource”, which, I believe, you can talk to Random Talking Bush about or ApocHedgie about. One or the other did SFxT MEGA MAN and released it on Garrysmod.org, so you can probably goad either one into doing a Gundam project. That is, if RTB isn’t too swamped by all the Pokemon requests.

EDIT: Did I mention that Another Century’s Episode R isn’t region locked?

I’ve found some gundam models used in the game Quake,… also found a model in .ma format,.
don’t know about the textures yet cause I don’t know how to convert .ma formats

Are thouse games any good? Ive been meaning to play them.

DWG2 is a superb game; runs flawlessly on PCSX2 with surprisingly low system requirements. If you’re a serious Gundam fan, I eagerly recommend it.