I need some help for a *NEW* Gmod server

Hey out there.

as the title says i need a good website where i can buy a functionally server for Gmod!
I have only tried "counter-strike.com but these server arent good enough for gmod…

I will be thanks full for some response (:!

Nitrous-Networks are epic. Had a few GMod servers there and they work perfectly.

Thx i will check i out!

You’re an awful advertiser.

But really, my friend has used Nitrous Networks and he says they’re alright.

I have one there and it lags Horridly.

If you have the money, host it yourself.

I think we’re in need a website with a list of the best Gmod Server Providers and then have a link up the top telling people to go there.

I agree with this, I’ve always rented my servers from them.

Just bought a Gmod server. Fast set up and really friendly staff.

TBH… That is cheaper if you buy a VPS (Even cheaper if you have an adequate internet connection and a spare computer)
Personally I run 2 SRCDS on a VPS next to MySQLd, Apache and BNC - I’ve seen a lot of players running around with 10-20ms ping :slight_smile:
My VPS is hosted at SWVPS.com

I happen to use NFO Servers. They’re pretty good, just don’t forget to look over some key features or else you can find yourself in a problem.

I get my Dedi from PlugPayPlay. They’ve got awesome support, and I get a gigabit uplink for free :o

Before that, I used to host my GameServers with them, no practical downtime (only expected, at least two week warning, and email explaining).

I’m pretty satisfied with them.

Not to mention their prices are pretty cheap.