I need some help for my new server pls!

Hi guys, i’m new to this community and i would like to ask u guys for some advise. What i wanna do on my new server is i wanna gets the name’s when u look at the multiplayer scoreboard in different colors, like and admin gets blue and an owner get green. What i also wanna do is next to the name’s i wanna get the text owner,admin,superadmin and the hours they played on the server. Do u guys have any idea how to do this? I searched everywhere for a mod like that or a lua file but i can’t find anything! If u guys can help i would be very thankful!

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Get your friends, if you have any, and band together to help toss ideas around.
Next, make sure one of those friends knows LUA, or go ask the LUA forum.
Also, look harder. There’s plenty of places to find a leader-board changer like that.

In fact, here’s one - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=70848
Just change the LUA.

LEADERBOARD that was the stupid word i was looking for the whole time man! I searched on google for hours counter, admin namer, multiplayer scoreboard changer,etc… I finally got that word xD. Thx man, i’ll search some more on the internet and i’ll let u know when i found something, if i didn’t, i’ll just go to the lua forum like u told me. Thx for the help!

Please spell correctly do not use text emotes, and dont use “thx” this is facepunch where you spell things out correctly.

ok,ok how did i supposed to know that… I’m new here.

I hope English isn’t your primary language.

It isn’t. Just give me some time and i’ll learn it. I’m only getting english 2 years from school now.

Ohhh. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize.
But yeah, there you go.

By looking at other threads and posts how they don’t have that or they are not supposed to.

its called ULX and a scoreboard mod

Ah crap. I knew I forgot something.
Yeah, ULX. That’s pretty important.

function GM:PlayerInitialSpawn( ply ) // When spawning after joining the sever
CheckSpecialCharacters( ply ) //Is he defined in the specialchars.lua file? If yes, then he gets those values, and it stops here.
if ply:IsAdmin() then //Is the connecting player admin?
sb_team2( ply ) //If he is then set his team to team 2.
else // If he isn’t admin then,
joining( ply ) //Call the function joining (found near the bottom of this file)
RunConsoleCommand( “sb_start” ) //Run the console command defined in cl_init.lua.
end //Close the if
end //close the function


team.SetUp( 1, “Guest”, Color( 125, 125, 125, 255 ) )
team.SetUp( 2, “Admin”, Color( 125, 125, 125, 255 ) )

Never got what you mean, if you’re using an RP mod, just sandbox, if you want addons or just LUA codes.

About hours, I think you have to first of all get a database.
Then with LUA, make a function which every second is called for the player, or every minute, fifth minute, and adds into the database.

Then in the scoreboard load it.

Not sure though, I’m a newb.

Hey just to tell you something, you should get the evolve admin mod. It’s way better than assmod, mainly cause it has chat commands, and cause it’s really customizable with what certain ranks of admins can and cannot do (im not saying assmod isn’t customizable). also it has a pretty menu. also if you want to know, type in bind “g” “+ev_menu” in your console to use it and type in ev rank <username> <rank>
heres an example ev rank chelck superadmin

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I’m saying this cause if i was starting a server I would have liked to know this sooner. if you have any questions add me on steam my username is chelck. I can help you out if you need anything.