I need some help getting the Advanced duplicator to work~

Well. i dl the latest advanced duplicator for Gmod 10 (or 11 if you choose to call it) and it’s not showing up anywhere in the context menu…

i look online alot and some downloads say put it in your garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator and i have no idea how to set up the adv duplicator…

I think its the way i set it up in my gmod folder… So just in case i did how is it sposed to be setup in the gmod folder?

From what I can tell, you downloaded Adv. Duplicator from garrysmod.org or some other file hosting website. This is NOT the best idea as updates frequently break mods. Versions hosted on garrysmod.org become quickly outdated.

The latest version of Adv. Duplicator will always be packaged with wiremod. You can find more information on the installation of wiremod here:


Thanks for the help but the link doesn’t work :S

When you download Adv duplicator , you put it in:

i have it but whenever i dupe something it falls apart

How do you manage to find these threads
One of the newer updates broke adv dupe sorta so that may be it sadly