I need some help on tileability!


I am making a small pack of textures for mappers to use, as I took them on vacation. Now, I need some help. They look repetitive when I tile them.

Perhaps you can fix them for me, or atleast tell me how to tile them (please don’t say gimp’s make seamless filter).

Jim The Atheist

well i don’t know how to do it in gimp, but i’m fairly certain there should be a clone tool or the gimp equivalent of it. this is your friend. a good thing to do is to offset the image by half its width and half its height so that you can make the edges blend together with the clone tool. then you have to clone away obvious stuff that will be easy to spot if it’s repeated every 128 units or so, like white spots or big cracks and stuff like that.

that’s at least what my brother’s taught me about creating textures.

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