i need some help on...

im trying to find a server where i can build my vehicles on
i need one thats close to westcoast (so i have decent ping)
has phx, and wire up to date
but also has things like TB dupe and Wheels Pack along with Gears Pack(hysteria’s)
is there any server that has those?
if so please list them

ggg has everything but gears ( :[ )

A friend of mine is setting up a server right now that includes everything there but the wheel pack. If you’ve heard of Draconian, he might be willing to accept new members, once he gets the server stable.

cliffhanger thread titles are very annoying

I host my server occasionally, I have everything your asking for :3

I cover pretty much everything but the wheels and gears packs which I intend to aquire in the near future. Just havent gotten aorund to it.

Yeah, UTT is annoying.
But I’d like to find that kinda server myself… always wanted to play around with those gears.

instead of just giving me the names of the servers… can u give me the actually ip address or w/e

That’s just it, I don’t have the permission yet. I’ll get you the IP once we’ve determined that the server is stable.

If Balto approves I can give you the IP to his.

ohhh okay, sounds good.


cool, so can you(balto or Mactrekkie) give me the IP please.

aaaaa you beat me to it.


Well, the server seems to be stable, so I’ll send the IP to you in a PM.

Sure, you cought me as I was about to go to bed though, I’ll get it to ya tomarrow.