I need some help please guys

Hey there, for a little while now I have been working on making a vehicle for Gmod using TDMs scripts (Yes I have permission it will be one of the photos in the link). I have the model done and all and been using blender to texture it like I have read from guides but not all of it will texture correctly when I do it. Also I need someone to make the model compatible with HL2/Gmod as I dont have the resources to do so and someone to place the model when done to replace the TDM beettle body, but keep everything the same. So would you be able to help me with that, you will get a bunch of credit on it and all
If anyone can help with this let me now and ill upload some files to download


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The link leads me to a 404 page.

Hold Ill fix

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try that

What do you mean you don’t have the capability to make the model compatible with HL2/Gmod? Blender has an SMD importer/exporter.

It wasnt working with me Ill reinstall and I may get it to work, At the moment it is really the whole texturing and that that is getting me stuck

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Nope still nothing

Which version of Blender are you using? Where did you download the SMD extension from? What happens when you try to export an SMD?