I need some help, please.

So, I want to make my combine models for gmod, I found models, which I need to add and I get a combine soldier here also. For a my big hapiness, the first model has like a BG or something like and I just removed this head.
BUT, I have got a problem with adding a head to the first model. I don’t understand, how to remove head from combine and place it elsewhere?
1 - model without head.

2 - models, which I need to combine.

Just use [edit mode] on the combine model to remove all part exept head, and after that, place the combine head on 1st body and Join them :wink:

I cant just remove everything exept head, this is ONE FULL model.

Yeah you can just like what Traven said

I did it!
So, how? (For someone’s, who will need also help, so)

  2. Mark anything you need with RMB/LMB/B;
  3. Press DELETE - VECTORS;
  4. Profit.