I need some help to make some addons


first of all, i have been studying lua script for a few days. but as you know i still don’t know about lua knowledge.

what i decided to make something is a custom modes about TTT


Whenever the last map has done, Mysql bring player score and save them

the playerscore points are able to use in Pointshop(to buy playermodel,hats)

and traitor or detective are able to use the point to change to coin (one coin = x score points)

i really need some help… if anyone can makes this scripts please contact me!

The title… more like “Can someone make me some addons”

Uhm. Don’t you already have a Pointshop? If not: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1022682-WIP-

The above pointshop gives you points (you can set the amount) for each kill you get and each death.

And for the other thing about the traitor or detective thing. Do you mean they can use their ingame credits for buying like a knife or health station for Pointshop money?

If that is correct, then all you have to do is go into the items.lua for the pointshop and add a new tab and then add your items such as 1 credit for 30 points or 50 points for 1 credit. To do that you can just make the OnGive function set the players points to his current amount + 30 points then do the same to remove a traitor/detective credit (You would have to find the code for giving points). Or current amount - 50 points then give the player a traitor/detective credit.

I think you should hire a lua coder untill you get better at coding to do it yourself (do random small projects to increase experience and skill) rather than constantly asking for someone to make you a code for free. You can pay one person to make it all on your demand with a faster response than facepunch.

Anyone who can help me?

I wil pay for this shit

He wants you to mod pointshop. Here’s the critera we agreed on, conflicts made it so I’m not willing to work with him.

Save max of 3 creds/round

1 cred = 30 points

50 points = 1 cred

Score/2 = PS points

kill traitor = 30 

traitor kill = 30 

If you want my code, PM me or add me on steam.

I can do the last 3 but I’m too lazy to find out how to remove a credit or add a credit, sorry about that. If you don’t find someone to do it all I’d be happy to help you with the last 3.

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Actually, depending on your price you offer, I will do the rest of them as well.