i need some help with NWBools

LocalPlayer():SetNWBool(“allowmodelchange”, true)

when i type that it gives me the output false how does that make sence?
please help me, that would be great.

Do you have AllowModelChange Defined as a function?

Here is a Example from the wiki

[lua] pl:SetNetworkedBool(“IsAlive”, false)
print(""…pl:GetNetworkedBool(“IsAlive”)) [/lua]

no i use it client side on my gamemode so i cant realy use serverside commands on it


NWBool = NetworkedBool, anyway i tried to see if it worked, but it doesnt, so if anyone else know something, ill like to know.


ohh i looked in the down of the page of the Wiki it says

Running this function clientside will only set it clientside - not serverside. You should set networked variables to their defaults in the initilization function of a scripted entity or SWEP.

so it doesnt matter, anyway thanks.

np :v: