I need some ideas

I’m just messing around in hammer, making a test map for tf2. I need some ideas for what to have in the middle here? I feel it’s a bit too empty, and i need(i think, atleast) a building of some sort.

Where the paths start to decline, have a building start there on each side. The yellow/black striped box could be an elevator.

I don’t know about the elevators, i don’t think they’d work very well in tf2(gameplay wise)

Also, you don’t see it there, but i have controlpoints in the yellow/black striped boxes


Give me more ideas please. :3:

Only 2 points? What gamemode is this for?
And I know Dustbowl etc. only have two per area but they have a clear attack/defend layout; this is perfectly symmertrical

How about you add some more obstacles between the points to disrupt the line of fire?
And maybe a balcony for snipers?

The control points are just for now, i’m gonna make more of them.

I’ll add a balcony for snipers, thanks :smiley:

And try and make good looking obstacles

This map currently has no thought given to gameplay balancing, think about it, this would be sniper heaven. All classes have their own requirements from a map, camping spots for pyros, choke points for engineers, ways to attack the chokepoints indirectly, cover from snipers, places for scouts to use double jump etc.

Hmm, I didn’t think about that.

I’ll try my best to make it as good as possible.

If it doesn’t work out, i’ll try something else