I need some info about Lua

Hello i’m totaly new to lua and i whant to get some questions answeared about it.

I whant to know if Gmod is the only game Lua works in or if i can use it in all games.

And i whant to know if i can use Lua to make custom loading screens or if its onlt html that works for that.

Thats all questions i got for now but i will post more if i got any.

((Instead of thinking i’m just dumb help me… i know am not the best at Lua…))

You have to use whatever language a game will accept. Most of the source engine’s games use lua. I don’t think most other engines use lua as a modding language. So no. You can’t use lua on every game.
Unless you meant every game that uses the source engine.

What about C++ that work in the source games ?

You’d be making a mod if you were using C++ (or modules for Lua to interact with). You can implement almost any language like Lua into Source with modules mind you, I think someone did make a Python interpreter as a proof of concept once.

Firefox with a dictionary is always a good idea. I learned English from listening to the words and reading the subtitles on TV, improved it by typing with a spell checker on the internet.

It’s a scripting language, you would use whatever scripting language a game use’s. Mostly it’s either lua or one that they make up. And there is no other source engine game(unless there’s some source mod that implemented lua also) that uses lua, only garry’s mod. There are other games you can script with lua.

Custom loading screens don’t really have much to do with lua. It just loads a webpage much like your browser.

I think he means kind of like irzillas

Wow thanks for all help guys!

And I’ve seen only one non-source engine game that uses LUA as a scripting language, GTA 4, but I haven’t tried it out yet, only saw some other lua scripts written for it.


DarkBASIC has a plugin to load Lua scripts.

ArmA2 uses some Lua


This has a bunch of games that use Lua.

I know nonsense posted a list already, but I like this one better. :slight_smile:

Awesome!!! Thank you guys soo much