I need some lighting tips.


So, I am making this small 512x512x1024 room for that hallway contest thing, but unfortunately, lighting is crapping me over (I am working in episode 2).

Thing is, it turns out ugly.

(forget about the dustclouds, I forgot to remove those.)

This was supposed to be a ode to freeman, but the lighting ruins it.

Over head view.

I fixed the window gap by the way, but it still looks ugly.

How the ceiling looks with the lights on.

Ok, so I tried removing all light sources except of the roof and the light glow I put in there.

I forgot a small light here and this happened. Better then I excepted.

So, can you guys help me improve the lighting?

Mess around with the three settings (linear and the other ones) and change the brightness (the very last number on the light’s colour dialogue, normally around ~200) and tint it a different colour. Move it away from the wall a bit, too.

Remember, no light is ever white. Usually it will be a light yellow, but for dilapidated environs i tend to go for a browny green.

Also use a light_spot for the ceiling light, rotatate it to fit your needs.

Maybe embed some lights into the floor to illuminate the statue in the middle?
There’s a decal for that, but I don’t remember the name.

you should experiment with color correction.

If it’s any constellation, I’ve created a thread about lighting earlier which got a post that outlines and details everything

Here’s my thread.

“How to achieve some wicked awesome lighting effects! Full explanation + walkthrough lighting design.”


Hope this helps you!

So what’s your goal?

This might also help

Thanks to everybody for the help and for Mkadeshkode that tutorial, it really helped.

I made some editing on the map.

Stick some sprites on those lights as well.

Since it’s half life, I would expect some sort of orange highlights in there too. It’s the iconic color of his suit, as well as the lamba of the resistance.

Again, thanks for the feedback. I added the sprites that were needed by the way.

Ode to Freeman.

Orange Hightones are only placed in the top part of the room by the way.

I readded dustmotes to the blue light later.


Anyways, the map is nearing its completion, I only have to fix a few things and optimise it a bit.

Thanks to everybody for helping me out on the map, especially the guy that posted that tutorial.

If you have any last comments, feel free to make them. I will be posting this on the Map Pimpage and on the Hallway collaboration threads.

Thanks again to everybody who stayed in this thread.