I need some models ported(NPC to Playermodel). Will pay

There are some models which have the HL2 skeleton (NPC).
I need them as playermodels.

So in summary 9 models need to be edited.

BTW they have bodygroups and skins

I will pay 15€ via Paysafecard

When someone is interested I will send the models.

you know,if you download the model manipulator,then there is a way to make whatever object you select into a playermodel.sure it takes about 30 seconds,but it saves you money(note:it only works on hl2 skeletons,or else it will got with the defualt “T” shape)

It did only work on NPCs
Not as a Playermodel.


When I try to set a model as my playermodel I am in T pose
God I hate english not being my first language

/ I see,so they don’t have the hl2 skeleton…

But they worked on NPC´s with the Model Manipulator