I NEED SOME ONE SMART! (gmod dupes)

hello, im peterwaffle.
i own a garrys mod sandbox server, but my problem is people spawning dupes, there is one or two dupes that people spawn and they crash the server, and there are a few that cause massive lagg.
so my question is, Is there a way to block some individual dupes, i dont want to completely block spawning dupes, i just want to stop people spawning the individual dupes which cuase lag, if any one can help me out

You cannot block individual dupes, and if you could, someone would just make another dupe that did the same thing, and then upload that. Block the dupe tool altogether, or remove the Workshop tab.

On the server I run, I have edited the dupes.lua file and blocked dupes from the workshop but it still allows players to spawn their own dupes. In my case, this is exactly what I was looking for

Would you care to share it with us? It sounds like something that would be highly useful.

In this directory of your server “orangebox/garrysmod/gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/spawnmenu/creationmenu/content/contenttypes” open the dupes.lua file

look for this line “function ws_dupe:DownloadAndArm( id )” should be around line 55. You need to change that function to the following

	function ws_dupe:DownloadAndArm( id )
		chat.AddText(Color(255,0,0), "Spawning dupes from the workshop has been disabled. You can still spawn your own saved dupes")
		--MsgN( "Downloading Dupe...
" )
		--steamworks.Download( id, true, function( name )

			--MsgN( "Finished - arming!
" )
			--ws_dupe:Arm( name ); 

		--end )


The – infront of the lines are comments. Instead of deleting the lines I just commented them. This allows me to easily turn it on again.
As for the chat.AddText, you can change the color and the text in there if you want.

Keep in mind, if you update your server, you will have to redo this as the file will be overwritten.

Unless you make it read only

This would probably work, but if Garry updates something with the dupes, you would want the new file, and then modify that one.

ok, thanks every one for the help