I need someone to compile for me a model.

Hey. I have rigged a model but I need someone who can compile it. It is .obj file and it needs to be smd and it have to make compile.qc file. Why I can’t do it by my self? I don’t own HL2 EP1 and I don’t have enough space for TF2 so please help. Here is link for my model : https://www.sendspace.com/file/3zm1zb :wink: and inside is .blend file how it looks like.

You do know there are ‘official’ importers/exporters for blender that can be found on the first page of google search results?

Wait, how can you not have enough space for TF2? It’s only like 8 GB :v:

its 14gbs

I don’t have enough space for it. I have 40gb hard disk on my notebook and I want that model for Garry’s Mod so… with GuiStudioMDL I can’t compile model.