I need someone to model hack something for me [Serah Ferron|Final Fantasy]

I’ve recently decided to make a reskin of that model, and I need some things to be mirrored, removed, and shortened.

I need her one pigtail to be put on the other side so she has two, rather than one, and I also need it to be shortened a little so it isn’t long.

I need her vest like shirt (The one she’s wearing over her main shirt, so she’ll just have the shirt she’s wearing under) removed, along with the necklace, along with the bracelets.

If that’s too much work, then I just want the Pigtail to be mirrored and shortened.
(I’ll leave a DL of the model below, the reskin isn’t finished, so if I have those things done above, or at least the pigtails done I’ll be able to continue working on it)



I’ll get on it

Thank you!

Define shortened, shoulder-length shortened or…?

Shoulder length would be nice.

Is this what you’re looking for?


Yes! It looks great.

Driving lessons tomorrow. I’ll work on this more after that.

Hey Gregster just wondering, are you planning on releasing that skin? If not I would understand, but this version of Serah looks pretty nice.

Yea once I make it look better. Just felt like recoloring a few things so I’d remember what’s what. I still have to fix the shirt pocket and the four buttons I randomly placed since I didn’t know what was the front or back of the skirt. Trying to make it look a little like “Baby doll” from Sucker Punch.

Also Haxxer if you’re up for it, I forgot to add this in, but do you think it’d be possibly to make her shirt shorter as well? So it’s somewhat up above her belly button. If that’s a lot of work then I’ll just be fine with her shirt the way it already is.

I guess I can try.

Well you don’t have to, I was just wondering that’s all.

I can’t shorten the shirt, it’s a part of the body so you’d have holes.

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Have at it! :slight_smile:
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7856270/Final Fantasy New.7z

Download it and test it, report any bugs and I’ll look at them when I got more time.

That’s alright, I kinda figured it wouldn’t be possible, but thanks for trying anyways, as for trying it I did and she’s all messed up, like her body merged all into 1, as one of her hair parts stretched far far away. There’s nothing I can do to pick her up with the phys gun, just a floating messed up body.


I can’t seem to find any problem to as of how I did it, I just copied the files and placed it in the models, not replacing the originals(I did that too, but had the same problem as well).

Looking into the problems

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Didn’t even notice that the rigging was broken when I decompiled the model, sorry bro, it’s out of my hands.

I’ve still got the source files for Serah laying around somewhere; I can fix up her rigging more nicely now too, seeing as I didn’t actually understand the concept of boneweights when I ported her.

I’ll step in on this for you once I get another request out of the way.