I need something to really mess with gravity.

I’m having trouble getting ragdolls to a complete zero gravity. I was always able to do it not long ago but recently for some reason the ragdoll wont accept the toggle gravity on all parts. Some keep gravity even after I try to set them and keep from a complete zero gravity.
I need a check box in the physical properties that would set it to toggle the Gravity properties for all parts of a ragdoll at once with one shot, so it wouldn’t be so tedious, and it would be an option so we can do it that way or only affect the parts we want.

I also know before you all say it that the filesystem_steam.dll is not working. I know it will make it impossible to test, so don't think I'm wanting it even though gmod itself isn't working. I'm willing to wait if someone would helo me out with this.


Last time I tried clicking every bone of the ragdoll with the physical properties tool (gravity checkbox unchecked), it worked just fine. Try looping through all the bones and doing whatever it is the physical properties tool does to remove gravity.

That’s the problem. I have been trying for a while but no matter what it refuses to set all the points. There is always something weighted.
I don’t know if since I got wiremod if that can mess with things but I don’t see how… Anyway its definatly not.something im doing wrong. It just started happening. And believe me. I dltrued many things before finally coming to post this topic.

Just Wire unofficial and the field generator. With gmod supported 360 play in that mode… Would be awesome.