I need something turned into a playermodel

Hello, a long time ago someone tried to make a playermodel for me, but he couldnt so it was just a ragdoll. So If you could so kindly go edit this and make it a playermodel
I would very appreciate it so much. (BTW,It wont work if you just put in a lua, you have to program it so it is made to be a playermodel)

Sure, let me just download this here ragdoll and it’ll be set! You know, since the DL link is visible.

Oh right I forgot to put the link in here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=129658

-snip, wrong thread-

Does it really matter? I’m in a rush right now so I couldnt take my sweet time to properly decide where to put it.


You may find this helpful.

Sorry buddy, I’m no programer and I dont want to be one

Okay first of all it isn’t programming, second of all you didn’t have to rate me dumb because of that. I don’t take pixel ratings to heart, but you’re rating people dumb for no logical reason.

You’re acting like a dick, I don’t see why I should use my programming skills to code you a player model.

Sorry man, and my sister did that she has a Facepunch too and she went on my computer and she didnt know she was signd in onto my profile (dont know why) and she apparently didnt like that post. It sounds not real but I like to speak the truth

So your sister wanted a playermodel of you and rated me dumb because she didn’t want to learn how to make a playermodel of you?

No, I wanted the playermodel myself, I went to make a BLT sandwich, she went on and did the dumb rating not knowing she was still signed in as me. And I didnt know that making a playermodel is NOT programming

When someone types something like “-snip, wrong thread-”, it means they put their own post in the wrong thread. I meant to make my post somewhere else, wasn’t saying a thing about your thread being in the wrong place.

Oh ok I’m still getting used to the internet after 2 years without it, things change a lot

Says here the skin was posted 58 days ago.

I know but its not a playermodel, which i need it to be thats just a ragdoll
Edit: I asked him before but i guess while i was gone from the internet he must have done the request and uploaded it

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Okay, can you please with a cherry on top, work on the playermodel. I would very appreciate it
I didn’t really like how the thread “drifted” away from the actual situation XD

To bad he got banned before I posted this



Jason I love how you enter any thread with “hex or playermodel” in the name.

No disrespect or anything, but I like to imagine you sitting at your computer screen going “OH WOW MY EXPERTISE MUST POST HERE”

Actually, that’s fairly correct

Oh…well then

Keep up the good work Is all I can say, you probably have the most total downloads on gmod.org anyway

heh, that’s good to see, i guess i was a little late at telling him what he needed to do…