I need Stranded CFG

Hallo i just opened up a stranded server but i would like to know some bind commands.

They were posted on here earlier but now i cant find them, one of them kept the left mouse button pressed all the time so the character just kept on lumbering and such i think that was binded to F7 and then it was pressed until it was turned off again by pressing F7.
And One that kept “E” pressed by pressing on F8 and then kept going until F8 was pressed again.

Please post a CFG to put in the cfg folder in garrysmod because i like to go BRB and it is good to keep lumbering or whatever when your BRB

Just put +attack in console for constant attacking and -attack to stop it.

And the same for use, +use to start, -use to stop.

There’s some stuff you gotta do with aliases for binding to +attack. Can’t remember how. Console commands will do though.

Anyone else that can help me? Cus i really need it.