I need to have gravity inside spaceships! how?

Hello everyone,

Recently i started to build spacecraft and use them in spacebuild maps. I soon realized that there is not much realism in it with gravity on so i turned it of through a console command. BUT, as you might know, if gravity is off, it’s really off and there no gravity at all, not in space, not in planets or spaceships. I’m looking for a way to apply gravity in my ships and came to the conclusion there is a “Gravity Plating Tool” that does just that, unfortunately you must have the Life Support mod in order to obtain it.

The Life Support is a great mod of course and it adds amazing realism to the game. But on this moment it’s a bit too advanced for me.

Simply put:
Is there a way to apply artificial gravity in my ships?

You could probably take the Gravity Plating Tool out of LS3 and use it by itself (assuming SB is already installed). Not tried though.

I think the Gravity Plating Tool needs LS3 to work.
But i will give it a go and report back if it works :wink:

EDIT: Does someone have a NON-SVN download link on the latest Life Support mod?

The gravity plating tool is located in the SB3 addon now, not LS3 anymore. It also doesn’t need LS3 in order to work, since it just adds some things to the entity to let SB know it should apply gravity.

And what console command for gravity are you talking about?

I’ll download the BS3 addon at once :slight_smile:

PS. To disable/enable gravity on myself i used the “sv_gravity #” command and to disable gravity on props i use the “Physical Properties” tool

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I have gravity plating now, but it doesn’t seem to work. am i using the wrong command?

Gravity areas are currently not possible with the current build of Source. Sorry.

That’s a source engine command which affects all gravity, not just the parts of gravity SB uses to simulate. Just use the SB addon on a SB map and it should work, as long as you don’t disable all of the gravity using that command atleast.