I need to know a command. Please help.

Hi, I need to know a specific command to set NPC health in-game. DarkRP to be specific. It also runs ULX. The way it is right now is all NPCs spawned into the game are 1 hit kill. How do I modify their health so all spawned NPCs are at normal health. Please help!

I don’t know any specific commands, but you can always try NPC tools in the workshop, some of them come with NPC health tools.

I don’t think a command exist, but if you want to find in the lua where the npc entity is spawned you can set it’s health just like any entity. Add npc:SetHealth() assuming npc is the variable name for the npc entity created. If you find it the npc should be replaced with what ever comes before :Spawn()

Ewwwww dark RP.