I need to know the sins of mapping.

Please, list everything you can think of that I should not do, things to increase performance, and whether or not it is a good idea to have three different complex multi-stop elevators in one map. Also, I will request the following:
> How do I make one area significantly darker than the rest of the map (unlit caves)?
> What do you look for in a build map?
> I really need to eliminate lag without sacrificing quality. Have any tips?

Just don’t ad lights in the caves.

Thanks, that was really helpful. :downs:

Make sure you have an Light_env or something other than fullbright to have the caves dark.

By the way, I really mean it. What do first-time mappers do that I can avoid? What does not work well? What have you had problems with in the past?

Avoid Fullbright, Boxiness, Carving, repeating, and many more things that I’m too lazy to think of.

Don’t carve. Fucking ninja

Don’t make the map fullbright, don’t leave the map unoptimised, don’t carve, don’t release your first map, don’t decompile, don’t just release a rehash of gm_construct.

  • Don’t overlap brushes
  • Don’t carve
  • Always optimize
  • Always add lights
  • Don’t make a fullbright map(s)

Have fun no carving no full bright.

Is it okay to carve to get rid of a small corner of a brush that has no purpose but overlaps another brush (I’m saying the corner of the brush has no purpose, not the brush itself)?

Use the clipping tool

Things I can think of:
[ul][li]Don’t carve (we can’t stress this enough)
[/li][li]Do not NOT make lights
[/li][li]Do not make blocky brushes.
[/li][li]Do NOT, repeat, NOT make a concave brush, it will not work.
[/li][li]Leaks are bad
[/li][li]Construct clones are boring, don’t make them
[/li][li]Don’t release your first map. In all honesty we don’t care if it is, we only care that it’s good. Save yourself embarrassment. :wink:

Tips for optimization:
[ul][li]Func_detail is a god send. It’s strength is its weakness though. What you gain in compile time may kill you in game. (IE. you make a wall inside a building facing outside Func_detail.) Long story short use Func_details for detail brushwork, nothing more.
[/li][li]Use hint brushes in doorways and windows. It makes visual calculations better. Check a tutorial to see how to use them, it can be complicated sometimes.
[/li][li]Put a “NoDraw” texture on all of the brush faces you won’t ever see. (IE. the underside of a street brush.)

The underside of a street is almost always going to be in the void or flat against another face, so nodrawing it is pointless.

Perhaps, but it’s a good habit to get into.

i liked the way that you ask first before releasing your maps :smiley: good luck

For the love of Buddha, Jehovah, Allah, Zeus, Thor, and Satan don’t try to carve a fucking sphere into anything!.. Ever!


Oh, and use nodraw as your DEFAULT texture. It’s much harder to go back later on and try to find every hidden face to nodraw it. It’s much easier to find every VISIBLE face and texture that.


Always compile at max quality for your final release

So then why bother having nodraw?