I need to know where to put my resource file. HELP!

Okay so a while ago I just got a resource generator for my Garry’s Mod server to lead the server where all the textures and models are for when people join they download the file and I made the file successfully and also made it compress the files for me except I don’t know where in the hell I put the resource file… I’ve basically tried every path same for the Bz2 folder… And I’ve been looking all over the forums for an answer to this problem and I even tried googleing it and nothing at all shows, I mean I know how to make the file but do not know where to put it so don’t start telling me that I must not know how to make it I just need a simple answer on where to put it or just a executer for the server that reads it every time it starts. A helpful reply would be nice! :slight_smile:

Path for my server:


THANK YOU SO MUCH BRO! You’re awesome. And fast response! :3

No problem. :smile:

hey guys, can u plz let me know the actual lua for using the resource function?


Here’s an example: resource.AddFile(“materials/models/weapons/v_models/mw2_knife/mw2_knife_spec.vtf”)