I need tutorial for port .obj models to Garry's Mod

Hello I need someone who know how to do this. I just want tutorial I don’t want someone to do it. I have website where twd models are a lot but nobody is porting. If someone there is who know how to do this just post there tutorial. Thanks very much.

Use this. It’s outdated but useful

If you have Wall Worm and 3ds Max, it goes like this:

  1. Load OBJ into 3ds Max.

  2. Open Wall Worm Model Tools.

  3. Click Pick Model button.

  4. Pick OBJ in scene.

  5. Click Export Textures.

  6. Click Export Model.


There are more options/possibilities, but this is the most to-the-point method.

sorry but I tried to make an addon to load on steam but the program I used can not read the exported files with your instrument. What can I do?

I’m not sure what you mean by making an addon for steam… but in terms of it not working, it’s hard to say. It works for me and the crowd of people I interact with daily. It’s always as simple as that. For further help, ask on WW forums as I’ll be unavailable for the next few days and others may help.

And it works like ragdolls in Gmod?