I need two downloads,

If possible, could someone get me a download for:

  1. Life Support 2
  2. Armored Combat Framework.

Only reason I want LS2 is so that the ACF will work, because to my knowledge it can’t without it.

Life Support 2 has a new SVN link with all the LS2 related addons in one. It’s on my tutorial. Scroll down to the SVN Link List. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324
Never heard of ACF

Do you mean Custom Addon Framework?

Or Combat Damage Systems?
CDS is included in that all-in-one LS2 pack.

Ive heard of ACF, it’s sort of like Gcombat, but…different. I don’t know how, Ive never used it, but it’s on the SVN for some big server out there. I would PM karbine, I think he’s used it on some of his tanks.