I need your boxes

Hello great people of facepunch, as of the writing of this post I am in an emergency. I am in need of your supoort through the mingepocalypse, as of right now I have no way to defend myself and I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to help me fend the minges off.

I would appreciate facepunches help in the only way they can, through boxes. The more I get here, the more I can use to fend myself every night.

299 FPS.


Thank you for the support so far, these 3 boxes will surely bring me closer to my safety


“Optimism is a Force Multiplier”
So I gave you a rainbow.


Gave you a box. :h:

Not enough boxes.

There is never enough.

That’s true, but I have to manage with what I have so far


Have 41. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/576668016289494888/58A4B04FDFE1E5E8DF3B36A7A4426687E892C538/

Alright then, box ratings to the rescue!

I’m sorry I can’t accept those as only the boxes given to my posts on facepunch are holy enough to stop the mingepocalypse.

It’s okay, sir. Take another box.

Do we send all our boxes to only the OP or all of your posts?

I count all my posts.

What about a clock? I’m sure you could use one.

What is this…

With 32 boxes, we are starting to get somewhere

Its more than 32 boxes now, plus some other stuff

Needs a stripper pole with Alyx on it.

So you can add every prop you want?