I need your opinion on what gamemode i should have on my server

I currently am hosting a DarkRp server ( if you wanna play) And nobody seems to join. I know why (there are like 6000 DarkRp servers) and i am thinking of switching to a different gamemode. I was looking at a few and the ones i don’t really care for are Spacebuild ,Survival Gamemodes ( like winter or island) and Flood. If anybody has any suggestions please post!

My freind is writing a new gamemode, he owns 3 servers but we could need a test server. I’ll contact you if we decide to

If your hosting a server to get people to join, then don’t host the server. It shouldn’t be hard to choose a gamemode YOU like, and if you make it interesting for yourself, other people will find it fun too. Besides, it’s not like this is a one time decision, just put a gamemode up and try it out for awhile.

Sandbox. It’s usually best to start with sandbox.

The “Go Fish” gamemode!

GMod Racer !!

This. Why waste money on a server if it’s not something YOU enjoy?


Get lotsa different addon tools but don’t go overboard. A PHX server won;t be very fun for those who do not have PHX, etc.

I strongly recommend Sandbox. Thats the best


You don’t have to pay for a server, you know.

If you’re looking to continue hosting RP gamemodes, try Nexus.

The two released gamemodes are Novus2 and Severance.