I need your soul


Now, Medic played the dark megic.

No you don’t.

It’s cool.

I thought it was funny that this reminded me more of a scene from x-men origins

.png, stop it. It’s useless. Take your screenshots as .tga (dev_screenshot) and save them as high quality .jpeg’s.

Anyway, nice picture. The effects are very well done IMO.

I don’t even understand the no PNG rule. It’s fucking 2011 and you STILL whine about internet speed ?

Reminds me of Stargate with the Goa’uld hand devices sucking out their life. But through their forehead :v:

Uhh that’s totally bullshit I have 75 mbs fiber optic and it still takes a while to load.
Why? because the PNG is a useless format for these large of images.

Why use .png when it doesn’t change anything and is longer to load? It’s fucking 2011 and you STILL think this format is useful when you don’t have any transparency?

New way of the spy taking identity?
Yes, I know that’s the medic, but the spy could do it to :open_mouth: