I need your support guys! [MIXAMO/FUSE Character Creator]

Hi guys, i’m having a conversation with a Mixamo employee, she says she wants to have a conversation with Gmod and Source games community. So im giving you this link, please register and tell your opinions to her. It is going to be a cool shit if they allow us to export characters from FUSE!

Go go go:



Kind of. Honestly with the way FUSE probably handles things, you shouldn’t need much of a difference between making a model into a playermodel vs NPC vs ragdoll. If the model is rigged right out of the program to a proper Valve biped then you can do all three.

Uh guys i don’t have any modelling experience or knowledge and FUSE is the right thing for people like me (lazy ass). So i don’t know, they are telling that they are going to make a thing for Source engine and make our job easier.

Then it’s really up to you to tell them what you want. It’s not going to be as much help for people who have already branched off and started doing things on their own. Those are the people who probably aren’t going to pay $100 for that (especially since a lot of people here picked up blender primarily or even solely because it was free). Fuse looks like a cool program but I’m assuming it’s also a handicap to anybody that’s already learned to do everything manually. We can surely help with some of the technical stuff but any general questions regarding what you’re like the program to do are probably going to be up to people like you whom Fuse may actually be of benefit.

It’s actually $25 for starters. You are right at some parts but i’m telling this to lazzy asses like me, not to pro modellers. And i bet there are a lot of people who wants an easy way to make models. Nvm, thank you anyways.

you can purchase the software, you get 2 free autorigs every week if you wanted to use it. But the software is good, its getting more flexible with updates. But im not to familiar source engine but its possible you can use both softwares, I do have the full version and its pretty good, and it will work with source engine. Also if you need a biped use the autobiped script for 3ds max or maya. To me the software is still in process of development and will get more features, but you can import your own content and everything into the software with the default body models in there. So to me the software is a 5/5 rating imo and worth the money, you just have to give mixamo a chance.