i need

i need tf2 spy mask prop form media fire

and fix all ragdoll mlppack


and call like pokemon rtbs

and i have gmod form steam

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fast post

Umm…what? Sorry pal, but you made zero sense with your request. Either that, or I need more coffee.

All I got was ‘I need tf2 pyro mask prop from mediafire.’

He lost me after that.

Download these things yourself, you son! Nobody is going to download the things for you, I really hope you’re not 8 years or younger and have no idea about searching the web for the downloads.

It’s not like we’re going to babysit and take care of you over the Internet

yeah cant understand you, next time think before you type each word

hehe… what

What he said was “I need Team Fortress 2 Spy Mask Prop from garrysmod.org to mediafire, the fix all ragdoll My Little Pony pack, and all Pokemon rtb packs. I have Garry’s Mod for Steam. Fast post.”

I don’t think he has Garry’s mod at all. It shouldn’t be that hard to sign into your Steam account on the website and press download.

If he has it for steam he wouldn’t need anyone to put it into mediafire… in other words he probably pirated it. Besides garrysmod.org is down.

Thank you for translating that gibberish into English.

It’s still coming up for me, no problems at all.

ok nvm its working now

Same but I cannot upload jack crap :stuck_out_tongue:


Get out.