"I never do drive in again" PERSONAL SKIN COMIC



What cuisine do we Irishmen have, anyway?

To wiki I go!

They never asked the combine what he wanted, poor combine.

Well I liked the dramatic middle and the clean start, but the end was a bit to obvious in my opinion. Good movie though.

Trust me man, I feel you. They do this to me at Wendy’s too.

Whiskey with beer.

I didn’t order anything though :frowning:

patato bread, chips, fish, fry ups (ulster fry), stuff you can grow basically

You only get saline solutions :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice but like others have said, the end became too obvious.

Ulster Fry sounds God damn delicious.

lol yeah i know… but i watched dude where is my car yesterday and i was like… wtf lets make a comic out of it :slight_smile:

i yea i remember that movie…But i forgot the Name :smiley:

Dude where’s my car

you will love it. its a whole variety of things like, tomatoes, bacon, potato bread, fried egg, sausage, fried bread. its delicious


Does Burger King have happy meals? Allllright! :smiley:

Holy shit you live

Loved the ending:smile:

That movie was pure gold.

Gj raptor

thanks mate :slight_smile:

hm… im thinking about doing a new scene from this movie…