I never got my password

i just bought a key and never received the password. Ive even tried to to request a password change but even that hasnt come yet. I have check all my email folders and nothing. paying $60 for this im am very sad

email garrynewman@gmail.com with all the info you have to prove you bought the key. (transacton ID and the key)

didnt really help i got told to do exactly what i said i did already… i dont get why im not getting any emails anyone have any other ideas of whats going on

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it also now says invalid beta key is that because i already used it?

Well you used it already… Of course it is invalid now.
If you check your junk mail it might be there. Otherwise just email him again.

i have emailed him multiple times with no answer and used the recover password from forgot password and even those emails havent come yet