"I never really was on your side."- Spy standing over the heavy.

I know the blood isn’t to well done, but I don’t to that much outside editing.


Original, (feel free to edit yourself):


C&C and that stuff.

his suit is…erm…oddly colored.

And theres something wrong with his shoulders.

Whats wrong with the colors, I didn’t alter them. Also, are you talking about his shoulders or the shadows on his shoulders?

Also thanks for the Criticism.

I think he means how the suit appears orange/yellowish. It doesn’t blend well with the Spy’s dark red mask. As for the shoulders, they kinda look like they’re flopped downward, which makes the neck area look big.

Other than that, the pictures really nice. I like it.

I see, I think you may be right about the colors too, I think this is better in comparison?


Yah it’s a bit better. If you could make the suit go darker it would be great.

I really think it was the lighting, the lamp I put was really close, so it brightened it up a lot.

It looks like that spy got covered in Jarate one too many times, it’s changed the color of his suit permanently.

Really pretty lighting, but as the others said, there’s the problem with the discoloration of the suit that bothers me and the shoulders looks stiff a small bit.

Really nice, i don’t mind the coloring

The knife should have gone into heavy’s body deeper