I noticed when you are attack wood or wall its bleed

:stuck_out_tongue: just for your attention.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - Craptasket))


YE !

Woah, no one realised this before. :open_mouth:


HUGE GAME BREAKING BUG!!! Better get right on it.

Why are these people who joined June and July 2013 so retarded

They all seem to be pretty young and unlike most members who didn’t join for Rust, they haven’t spent time lurking to get a feel how the community is and how to post.

sarcasm. im not rly surprised ;-;

yu got me on that, i am young, but i’m proud :3

Just to clarify, mine was June of last year.

Word of advice, unless you’re in the GDi or OIFY don’t use texting-language.

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We can see that. It’s under your name, you know.

I agree. I just joined a few days ago, but thankfully i’m generally intelligent enough to not act so dumb.

you’ve made me google both of them. I didn’t know what i expected…
btw thnk yu 4 da tp

Shit son, I would have totally never noticed that ever. Especially not within a year and a month worth of being here.

The guy previously said June and July but everyone above me was July. That was the reasoning behind my response.

09ers are worse