I only see servers on History Tab .........................

After i woke up i turned on Rust and all the servers doesn’t appear and only some of servers from History Tab appears … Sometimes I see one or two servers on the Friend Tab but I can’t see any servers in Official, Community, and Modded Tabs… HELP ME !

Restart your pc.

I tried it! :frowning:

This has been happening to me today however the list populates after a while, I have restarted steam/game several times and it will start to work. If I close it out, reopen it may not populate. Its not you.

there was an update. you will only see servers with your current rev. make sure your game is up to date, manual update if needed.

Thanks everyone! Im keep trying to restart steam and computer but how do I manually update ???

Leave it on the “play game” screen, walk away find a drink something to eat, it’ll eventually pop up with the servers, had to do that a few times today before my server would show up. No idea why. Something to do with the update perhaps.