I opened a wormhole in Hammer

What is this, I messed with the clipping 32-sided torus time-continuum D:


And how would that map look in-game?

It wouldn’t compile.

Oh fuck oh fuck bad looking map along with wormhole oh no D:

kinda not responsive I’d expect :v:

Nice to comment on a Hammer screenshot on the only currently WIP part of the map :v:

Check the birth of civilization thread for screenshots.

I have the sudden urge to attempt to compile this.

make it hollow !

Carve it into a sphere :v:

That’s fucking awesome.

I know how to fix it send me the .vtf.


I came with the clipping tool
I did not expect it to be easy
Breathlessly I toiled
Until it was finally there before me
For me to stare into

Oh god, what have you done…





Now duplicate it, and carve one into the other.

I compiled it, but it didn’t show up in-game, that’s because wormholes are invisible!

It’s simple to do, make a torus with 32 sides, clip it in half.

I tried it.

I am now a man of God.

Just some over complex geometry you got from creating what would normally be an impossible brush.

It’s way more than that, man. It’s the eye of God looking down over the land and blessing it with His love, giving every man who had ever looked upon the land a sense that their trials and tribulations were not entirely in vain. Men would look at that place and say “This is a Wonderful World.” They would then go onto singing a couple measures of Louis Armstrong’s song of the same name. They wouldn’t do it too good, I’d imagine. I mean, I can’t sing anything worth crap. In fact, when I tried singing “Hotel California,” I was literally booed offstage within seconds of me going onto it. Yeah, Hotel California is a pretty deep song full of meaning; that’s why I like it. I mean some say that meaning behind the hotel is literal, but others think it has a much more significant meaning. I, myself, think that it symbolizes the…

…wait, what were we talking about again?
Oh right, the brush.

Yeah, the brush is more than overly complex geometry. Much more.

I made a torus with 32 sides. I clipped it in half, though I didn’t get this result. So I tried hollowing it. Thank god I didn’t get like a bluescreen or something.

Thank goodness for core i7. :v: