I play on uk2 Why are there so many hackers?

Fanatic gamer is on uk2 blowing everyones house away stealing all there loot its so pointless to even play this game at this point. You run into a hacker every hour you play that camps your base and blows all your buildings up with c4. Are you guys even actually manually banning people from the official servers or you going to force us to buy private servers in attempt to me money hungry bastards. This is bull I bought this thinking I was going to be able to have fun not get aim botted every time i play for more then 10 minutes. I’ve seen people with over 100 c4 destroying huge towers that have been online for 4 hours straight aimbotting people clearly half the server dies and you do nothing about it. Complete garbage team you guys are

Now I only comment because I know there is hacks and because people talk about it

But I don’t feel I’ve been affected by it… I was hiding in a wooden shack with a wooden door for over a week with lots of valuable loot inside while i built a main base far away, It was really close to a town with people running through it too so if there are that many hackers on UK2 why do i feel so safe? I’ve also put up a fair fight against people with weapons using just my rock and haven’t felt like anyone has used aim bot on me

is it really that big of an issue? or am I just in the nice part of town?

when you progress in the game you get shutdown. Hackers are not interested in ruining noobs up only people who actually got stuff to loose.

I stopped playing UK2, can’t be arsed to play on Official servers, it’s full of hackers on them.
Dunno about those community servers though, atleast they got admins, and things to counter it.