I predicted the future

So, a long time ago I posted this in the Don’t want to post a picture thread


A few months pass, and look what got uploaded yesterday.

You can imagine my face when I saw that.

They still can’t shoot for shit

tell that to the two dozen rebel commandos lying dead all over the corridors of a blockade runner

stormtroopers are extremely effective killers when they’re not shooting at a protagonist

Better yet, read any of the non-fan books, and you’ll see that as well. Even more than the normal, the 501st are super commandos.

The 501st were clones though, pretty much bred and trained to kill. They’re as badass as a storm trooper could get.

Well, mostly clones.

Actually, later on a lot of 501st members weren’t clones. Even alien species were 501st. As long as they were good enough, they were 501st.

Not by the time of the empire as far as I know as all the clones were dead by then, and cloning tech was mostly lost.

Still stormtroopers were the elite army of the empire. There were still countless non-stormtrooper units. I guess they work on the ninja rules - incredibly effective as long as you don’t see them. Fumbling idiots the moment you do.

the Conservation of Ninjutsu trope probably applies too; one is a threat, a group is an annoyance, an army is target practice

Space Ninjas.

All this talk about the 501st makes me majorly nostalgic for the Battlefront II campaign…

All this talk about the 501st makes me majorly inpatient for Battlefront III.

All this talk about the 501st makes me want to pose some god damn stormtroopers. Expect something different from WW2 by me now :v:

This will be interesting. Can’t wait to see it.

In fact, we should have everyone do one star wars pose, and make one thread about it. That would be nice too.