I prefer to leave out M4 and C4

I prefer we leave out the GUNS and C4…. I want more challenging weapons utilized! Such as: Arrow tips… stone/ gunpowder filled tips that cause AOE damage…
For slow continuous damage, Tar (fire) tips that burn people and poison tips…
GUNS ARE FOR Counter Strike….
We need to go back to the more CHALLENGING GAME… I’m tired of all this easy games that just turn into everyone running around shooting each other with no effort at all.
Bear traps… i like… survival type idea… great!
Rust team… think outside of the box here… The game is awesome so far… I swear I envisioned this exact game like 4months ago… I love the idea of the decaying buildings, the no sleep as the game must go on, even when u are pasted out on the floor.

I’d like to see WEATHER… SEASONS! Winter months, bring snow, so if you run naked too long you start to die of hypothermia, that kind of stuff.

Forget Cars/Helicopters … no vehicles!


FARMING IS EXACTLY WHATS NEEDED… You need to add a training window for that… so you can learn different foods. Less wildlife… harder to stay alive… more attention to being able to eat before u go attack someone… create Forest area in the far north… that takes time to get there… to HUNT… like with any civilization, animals move out of the area as more people build there… so allow the animals to push farther north… so farming is necessary.

ALLOW PACKS OF ANIMALS (WOLVES) for example… to WONDER AROUND… they have feeding frenzies… so sometime they are less aggressive… and other times they chase you to your front door and even dont leave! Forcing you to deal with them.

Add Crossbows, add higher quality bows that have sites.
Add the ability to dig into the ground for hidden trap floors or hidden bunkers.
Add ‘water’ and pots for drinking… not just food.
Add WILD horses and the training abilities so when you catch them at first… u cant ride them until then…

Calm down buddy, its not your game :wink:

Soooo, you want this game to be minecraft? Go away 12 y/o

Yes, yes, all of this is work in progress.

Sooo,you bought this game you actually find it similar to minecraft or starforge.And you like to build something,like buildings,crafting stuff.Otherwise you should not buy that game in the first place.

It’s not a COD or BF and not even CS.So how old are you btw ? Calling people like 12 y/o in the first place without knowing anything about them is not an indication of being “mature” or “adult”

well thats like your “shitty” opinion man.