"I put my Glock to your dome and you started to cry..."

Inspired by this:

(resized > click right > show image)


Boom biddy bye-bye

Awesome Shading.
Looks like the L4D2 Intro Style!

Looks really good, i like it.

Out of curiosity, did you Bevel&emboss the blood?

Yes I did. And if you can see it, that’s because I was too lazy to take the time to make some nice blood.

I asked because it looked good, whenever i used it, even through all the opacity and such, it looked blotchy and unrealistic.

nice fuking editing, texturing and blood

Lovely editing.

Then suddenly, Louis grabs Coach by the neck and starts screaming “PEELS, dammit! Give me peels!”

great work

This has some neat atmosphere
I love the editing. I love everything about that picture.

The editing is very impressive. The song was rape to my ears though.

Love Cypress Hill. Good song, good posing.

Yeah. I don’t mind rap music, but the first guy who raps… his voice is painful.


Good shading there sir. Decent work. Didn’t know Coach was a gangsta:smile:

If you could get this to 1680 x 1050

I’d be very happy :3:

Looks great.

pMnky listening to DVX.

but coach is a good guy :saddowns:

I don’t want Coach to look evil

need original!