I put some vanilla in my coffee this morning.

Mmmmmm… Sipping them vanilla props.


Swishing around that vanilla goodness in my mouth.


Taking a nice breath of that vanilla aroma and proceeding with the last swig of the morning.


gack cough sputter TOO HOT! MOTHERFU- cough GASSSSSSPPPP


Give Mcvain credit for the intitial design, he started this but never finished it, I however took it and added on my own flavor to it. All vanilla props if you didn’t catch that, since I know how Facepunch loves those.

Ooooh how big is it?

Needs to be less vaniler. No where near as nice as you’re previous works of art here.

My buddy challenged me to make something out of vanilla (he’s always saying things like that because he’s jealous, this time I took him up on it.) This is just something I made today so I didn’t spend too much time on it, I needed something to build since I got stuck on one project I am working on.

It’s really small compared the The Outlander that I made. The Outlander is scaled (in my mind) pretty acurately, as the Falcon is not. Although I was going off Mcvain’s original design to begin with, so that was his own error.



Also a good example of why people don’t use much vanilla nowadays.

At last! Some fresh brain! Nice, smooth, without a odd shit. You and Mcvain have got my favorite muffin which I was holding for moments like that (you need to somehow to divide it between yourself).

Bad pictures.

But it looks good.


You know, “Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy”, so why not build it out of vanilla “junk”?





You need videos of you’re contraptions. They all look so nice, I do not believe they function.

Gyropod, bitch. Every ship of his that I’ve seen has flown with gyropod. I know, I’ve flown the Outrider and the Viper.

Then show it working.

Evan… I’m not going to post videos for your smug ass. I use these online with friends and I don’t need to go through hours of video editing to get your dick wet.

Why does he have to? It’s obvious that the advanced gyropod works. We’ve all used it.


Rated clock.

Gyropod or not, i’d love to see videos of that tank your working on. You’ve posted more than just space ships… And it could be fun making xwings and things for some quick machinima short or something…

Would ya post videos for my not-so-smug ass?

I will. Whenever I get good at making them. It’s the picture that makes the contraption. I could lower my graphics down to hell and you guys wouldn’t appreciate them as much. So I need time to practice at making videos.

Hoverballs are the best.

i know you don’t know me, but i could make them. don’t worry about my comp have bad lag, it’s specs are top notch. I’m butler, i stopped makin stuff a while ago but i want to get back into gmod. Add me on steam if you’re interested, I’m bored all the time playing mw2 anyway.