I raided my own clan

On my main server i play with 5 other people and we pretty much dominate it.
There is no challenge. So…
When we logged off last night i relogged in about 1 hour later.
I built a 2x1 house near split rad and filled it with large boxes.
I then returned to our base and killed everyone and took all their gear.
I took all our weapons, C4, food cloth…everything and put them into the little house i built.

I then announced to the whole server what i had done and that the door on the house is open and they can take what they wanted.

Surprisingly, the online players were very grateful and shared the contents between them.

I warned them not to tell my team :yarr:

This morning i got a few panicked calls, “WE WERE RAIDED, They took everything”

Now the game has turned and now when we build back up we will have fun raiding people at the same level as us.

Was this a really bad thing to do?

Good luck getting your clan (or anyone) to trust you now

I will tell them i did it tonight when i get on.

I know my team, they will see the logic…I would only do this with people i know that would see the funny side of it. Plus they were complaining that the game was getting boring…so now it’s not.

I say that it brings more fun, I’ve been there. Having the most power on the server. It gets realllllyyyy boring, I wish that I thought of something like that. I’d spark up some fun again getting more stuff back

I hate people like you. This was a team game and you acted alone.

I see Pillowcases filled with soap in your future

Ya they know the logic.

“Hey Carl, it is just hours of our time on this game wasted, no biggy.”

It wont take long to build up again

We researched everything so we just need the matts
Our base is fully in-tacked.

We would have just wasted the time waiting on other players to build up as we don’t KOS or kill people who are worse off than us.

Another psycho revealed himself during gameplay.

that wasnt really a raid so much as it was you robbing them blind and then opening doors for others to rob them blind.

I mean nobody was on to even defend it…hardly a raid

I wouldn’t trust you again. If you talked with your group ahead of time and they agreed then It would of been OK. But doing that behind their backs is a tell on who you are and who you care about. (You)

Is it really “raiding” when you have full access to everything?

no its not raiding >.>
its doing stuff behind your friends back

hmmm i will not trust you anymore then lol;p

you mean you raided your “ex-clan”



All decisions effecting a clan should be made by the clan not an individual that was bored one night and wanted to screw his team over. The idea might not have been bad in itself if you voted on it or whatever your structure is with leaders etc, but this was backstabbing and the reason I will never let an outsider in.

I am no outsider to my team…we do shit like this to each other all the time.

As i said before, i would never have done it if i didn’t think they would find it funny.

Seems like a slight overreaction…

It depends on who your friends are. I don’t think it’s a big deal in this case, I’d get some kicks out of it and my friends would be pissed but they’d play along, god knows they’ll all just team up to take me down, which is totally legit.

So many people taking it all so seriously! :zoid:

Good on ya fk the haters

Omg I know you Rufus…KoS’ing SoB =P